• Congratulations to KANCHAN LAMA on passing this month. Well Done KANCHAN, Safe Driving!!!
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  • All pupils are given FREE Internet Theory Test Software.Click the THEORY TRAINING link to register.

I am a DVSA Grade A Approved Driving Instructor and a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists,the Driving Instructors Association and Southern Driving Instructors Association.

I cover Winchester,Alresford,Botley,Bishops Waltham,Fair Oak,Wickham and surrounding villages.

I would like to introduce all prospective pupils to my driver training ethos and give some insight into my teaching style.

Learning to drive is a life skill and I am committed to educating my pupils on how to be ‘safe for life’. For this reason I will not allow my pupils to take their driving test until I am completely confident in their ability to be a SAFE driver and I expect pupils and their parents to trust my judgement on this.

Statistics show that 1 in 5 newly qualified drivers will be involved in an accident during their first year of driving. I believe that experience is the key to reducing this alarming statistic as the more driving experience a novice can gain, the more adept they will be at dealing with high risk situations. As a result I encourage my pupils to combine their lessons with a significant amount of private practice.

Whilst I am fully aware of the financial implications of this, it is very likely that pupils who do not take private practice will require many more lessons in order to be thoroughly prepared for their test. 
From experience I know that pupils who follow a regular lesson plan will reach test standard more quickly than those who ‘take a break’ from lessons and return to them at a later date. For this reason, before learning to drive, pupils should consider other commitments i.e. exams, extended holidays, etc.

The theory software package that in my opinion is the best product currently on the market which will also help with Hazard perception and many other useful tips to help produce safer drivers is THEORY TEST PRO. This is supplied from me if required as part of the 10 hour booking package, you can see further details of this package by clicking on the 'THEORY TRAINING' page.

When a pupil is nearing test standard I perform mock tests thus placing the pupils in an exam situation and taking the opportunity to cover many types of road conditions. During this time I pay special attention to any weaknesses and focus on the most common driver faults which I know from past experience can cost people their test and more importantly lead to potential accidents. In order to eliminate these weaknesses I may set tasks for pupils to carry out during their own time.

I am registered with the Hampshire County Council Pass Plus scheme which enables 17 to 24 year olds living in the HCC area (excl.Southampton Unitary Area) to take the Pass Plus course at a significantly reduced rate. Pass Plus offers extra driving experience and covers skills such as night driving and motorway driving.

I pride myself on the high standard of the pupils I enter for test and my main priority is to ensure that all my pupils are not only capable of passing their practical test but are also experienced enough not to endanger their own life and the lives of others.